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The American Board of Forensic Medicine (ABFM) is an Advisory Board under the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI). Please see below for updates and events.

“I am truly amazed at the talented people from every aspect of law enforcement, science, forensics, homeland security, and medicine that I have met through ACFEI. The education the society provides is wonderful, but the education that the other members provide to me is irreplaceable.”

Dr. Kathirae S. Perkins, RPh, DO, PhD, DABFE, CMI-V, CFC, CHS-V, DABFM, member since 2004

Board Members


Vice Chair:

Matthias I. Okoye, MD, MSc, JD, FRCP

Board Members

John A. Consalvo, MD, FACFEI, DABFE, DABFM

Louis W. Irmisch III, MD, CFP, FACFEI, CMI-V

Lawrence Lavine, DO, MPH, CHS-V, CMI-V

E. Franklin Livingstone, MD, CFP, FACFEI, DABFM

Philip Obiedzinski, DPM

James R. Stone, MD, MBA, CMI-V, CHS-III

Marta Scott, MD, CFP

James Staudenmeier, MD, BS

Humberto Guerra-Garcia, MD

Clifford Buchman, DO

Updates and Upcoming Events

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